Running Across the entire work of the Inspire Group, #Active2020 is our campaign to get 1,000 people active on a regular basis by 2020. Visit this page regularly to see more about our campaign, how we plan to do it and how we are getting on!

What is #Active2020

#Active2020 is our campaign to get 1,000 members of our community active in a regular, meaningful and engaging physical activity by 2020.

What do we mean by regular, meaningful and engaging?


  • Regular – Following on from Public Health England recommendations, our regular will mean at least 150 minutes of moderate, or 75 minutes of vigorous, aerobic activities per week.
  • Meaningful – Whether a team sport, solo activity or being more physical on a day to day basis – meaningful activity is something that each individual can feel ownership over.
  • Engaging – Our Inspire Group coaches always aim to make eachof our interventions fun, creative and innovative. Engaging activities that challenge perceptions, and change impressions are proven to help with longer term involvement and longer term enjoyment of physical activity.